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You can book one of Hotel Direct`s many hotels in and around Temple Bar Dublin. Here you will find yourself situated just a short stroll from the famed Dublin pubs and live music venues that stretch along this colourful maze of streets. On Saturdays the area comes alive with the local Cow Lane Market for fashion and design and in the summer months Meetinghouse Square is often used for outdoor film screenings. Temple Bar is one of Dublin`s oldest districts and its heritage is clear when you catch a glimpse of its preserved 18th century narrow cobbled streets and old buildings. Temple Bar Dublin lies just below the River Liffey and Ha`Penny Bridge. Trinity College and Grafton Street mark Temple Bar`s east boundary with Dublin Castle to the west. Today trendy shops, numerous restaurants and the jigs and reels of Gaelic music form the colourful weave of this central Dublin district.

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